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Yes people. it’s worth it. This shot was taken near the summit of Mt. Ampacao in Sagada. The area provides a very good vantage point to the towns of Sagada and Besao as well as the summit of Mt. Polis and the humongous waterfalls of Bauko, Mountain Province.
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How To Tour Sagada

Most (if not all) of the visitors to Sagada would brave the long drive or commute to experience the natural beauty of the town. Of course, most of these natural wonders would require walking and navigating through not-so-familiar hike trails and paths. Be a responsible and smart backpacker by researching about the

Five things not to miss out on Sagada - #1: jump off a waterfall

This will be the first of a series of posts on things you should never miss out on your trip to Sagada. I’d like to keep them as simple and as doable within at least a 3-day trip as possible (no “camp out on Mt Ampacao overnight” suggestions here, as fun as that sounds).
We’ll start

Tour: Bokong Falls (Small Falls)
Tour: Bokong Falls (Small Falls)

As one could easily see in this picture, the Bokong Falls is definitely no where near the size and majestic beauty of the Bomod-ok Falls (Big Falls) but since it’s just a few minutes’ walk from the town center, it’s still worth your time. The waterfall is located at the edge of rice field

Tour: Lake Danum and Mt. Ampacao
Tour: Lake Danum and Mt. Ampacao

Just like plenty of the attractions in Sagada, Lake Danum is an easy walk away from the town center. Though it is realistically not as stunning as the other locations in town, it still is a very nice venue for picnics and it is often used as a jump off point in going up Mount

The Easy Sagada Itinerary

Otherwise known as my 2006 Sagada itinerary. It was so easy-going, low impact and had more time for relaxation than any of the extreme things that you could while in town.

The Two-Day Sagada Getaway

If you’ve done a decent amount of reading and research, you would know by now that there’s no way that you could go to Sagada on a day trip. The travel time from the other heavily traveled towns and cities (Banaue and Sagada) makes it virtually impossible to make much in 24 hours - the

Tour: The Rice Terraces of Sagada
Tour: The Rice Terraces of Sagada

Scattered all over Cordillera are unique architectural masterpiece with its origin that can be traced back thousand years ago - the Rice Terraces. These are carefully hand carved mountainsides that seems giant steps forming stairways to the sky.